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Name Mirjam Sommer
Places of residence Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart,
Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Freiburg, Nuremberg, Hanover, L├╝beck,
Year / Place 1987 / Wiesbaden
Height / Physique 165 / slim
Hair color dark-blond
Eye color blue-green
Voice mezzo-soprano
Languages englisch, german
German dialects Pf├Ąlzisch
Instruments guitar, piano, bass-guitar
Vocal training classical and pop
Education 2016/17 – Camera Actors Studio iSFF Berlin
2011 – Acting Diploma at the State University of Music
and Performing Arts Stuttgart
2006 – Highschool graduation (Abitur)
Film / voice acting / music Student films ifs cologne 2015,
“Munna” 2017, broadcast appearence (SWR),
Metz Neun Synchron Frankfurt
2017 -2019 Songwriting – Class with Alexander Gernert
Theatre Currently freelancing
2018 – 2019 Theater G├Âttingen
2017 Castle Theatre Festival Bad Vilbel
2011 – 2016 Stadttheater Gie├čen
2011 – Theater Freiburg


Showreel Film

Schwanengesang / DT G├Âttingen

4.48 Psychose / DT G├Âttingen


Audio Samples

“Der Meister und Margarita” (Prosa) von Michail Bulgakow


“Der zerbrochene Krug” (Rolle: Eve Rull) von Heinrich von Kleist


“Katzenjammer Monolog” (Lyrik) von Mascha Kaleko


“Drinnen oder Draussen?” (Radioessay) von Astrid Nettling


“Sonett 23” von William Shakespeare


“Filthy day’s” / Cover von Troy von Balthazar/ Recording, vocal and Mix: Mirjam Sommer, Frankfurt 2021

“Colourblind” / From the Soundtrack “Rich and Sick” / Songwriting: Torsten Knoll and Mirjam Sommer /Recording: Eno Thiemann, Torsten Knoll, Bernd Schumann, Berlin 2019

“In my head” / Songwriting: Mirjam Sommer/ Alexander Gernert, Recording and Mix: Mirjam Sommer, 2020

“Flying Robert”, Tiger Lillies Cover, Recording and Vocals: Mirjam Sommer, Mix: Alexander Gernert

“After Laughter comes tears”, Wendy Rene Cover, Recording and Vocals: Mirjam Sommer, Mix: Alexander Gernert

“Unravel”, Bj├Ârk Cover, Recording and Vocals: Mirjam Sommer, Mix: Alexander Gernert


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Email : info {at} mirjam – sommer . de